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25 Years of Multimedia and Small Biz Entrepreneurship

Our Brands

Food Biker

Take the fork in the road.™

 Food Biker is a TV/streaming series that follows the culinary motorcycle adventures of chef Seth Diamond, as he learns techniques and recipes from our country’s most inspired chefs and culinary experts. 

 Come check out cool chefs, cool bikes, cool cars, and sometimes – even cool celebrities!

Restaurant Racer

The car-centric companion to Food Biker

As many moto-heads also appreciate cool cars, keep your eyes peeled for the Restaurant Racer sign. When you see it, you’ll know that some cool four-wheeled and piston-driven fun will be coming to you at high speed.

Complete Breakfast Productions

Our small production company, dedicated to the production of Food Biker and Restaurant Racer. Specialization in culinary video and still-photography. Also offering contract-based video and audio production services to the public. 

Have a production project you want developed? Let’s talk!



There’s a story behind everiThing.™

Online sales of 20th collectibles and antiques.
Founded in 1999 before eBay started offering a “Buy It Now” format.

Come visit our online eBay store!


Subversive art, apparel, and gifts. Since 2002.

Sometimes sassy.
Sometimes surreal.
Sometimes political.
Always artful.

Retail sales available through our online store.
Wholesale sales to boutiques internationally.

Come visit our Thoomp! online store!


Wicked Wearables

The sassier side of Thoomp!
Not always safe for work.
Always edgy.

Come visit our Wicked Wearables online store!

Polar Bear Consulting

25 years of dedicated Mac consulting to creative departments of large and small businesses. Also encompassing multimedia, graphic design, and IT projects. Happily leaving PC support to the other guys. 

 Need part-time Mac system administration in the Metro-Boston area? Have a multimedia project that you need developed? Contact us and let’s talk!

Lunch Squirrel

Remember how good it felt to find a note in your packed lunch?

The newest member of the Black Diamond Group, Lunch Squirrel brings hope and joy to people of all ages in an analog format: a 3″x5″ index card and red ink from a Sharpie™ pen.

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Black Diamond Group, LLC

And of course, there’s the Black Diamond Group itself.

PResident and founder

Seth Diamond

As an entrepreneur via the Black Diamond Group LLC, Seth has founded and run many small businesses over the years. By marrying his love of graphic design, music, video (and even culinary!) with cutting edge IT, Seth connects left-brained visual communications and art to right-brained tech.

Many people are taught to build their careers linearly. They go to school, they learn a skill, and attempt to become an expert in a single field or two.

Career-wise, Seth has never been linear. 

And he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Voluntarily defecting from his third-year clerkships in medical school back in the ’90s, Seth realized that his happiness could be found instead in an interdisciplinary career, where he could constantly channel his creative energy. Plus, he was never content to just wear one hat and always wanted to run his own show.

By founding and running various small businesses over the years, Seth continues to express his art through various multimedia ventures, while also contracting with businesses on various IT and multimedia projects that support fellow creatives. 

If all this weren’t enough, in the middle of all this, Seth trained to become a chef at Le Cordon Bleu Boston and passed the Court of Master Sommeliers’ Introductory Exam, which led to the creation and ongoing production of Food Biker. After all, creative in the culinary and beverage worlds both encompass both the senses of taste and smell.

So, yes. There are a lot of experts out there in both creative and IT.

Meanwhile, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who deeply understands creative that truly appeals to all five senses, the IT and tech to showcase it all, and the entrepreneurship required bring it all together.

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